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Wednesday February 14 was Ash Wednesday in the church calendar. It marked the beginning of the Lenten season. It was also the beginning of the six weeks that will take the church to Easter Sunday. What does that means for you? First, it makes you a part of the Christian
heritage. Our Christian faith was not born the day you were born. It began 2000 years ago when Jesus came to die for you. Second, it gives you the opportunity to identify with the sufferings of Christ during his ministry on earth. These are the expectations from you throughout the season of lent. Spend each and every day repenting and reflecting on the sacrifice of Calvary. Calvary was the place where your sins were paid for in full. Lent demands therefore, some level of sacrifice on your part. What can you sacrifice as a response for what Jesus did for you? In case you are wondering, there will at least, be one corporate opportunity for you to respond in kind. Throughout the Holy Week namely, March 26 - 31, we shall observe our annual “Week of Sacrifice” as a week of sober reflection and abstinence from much indulgences. In practical terms, you will be expected to save from food and drinks abstinence and be ready to offer your savings as a special offering to Jesus during our Easter Sunday celebration. Get excited about this opportunity!

Church Matters

As you are already aware, March 10 is our Church’s Annual Meeting. As has been the practice in the past, issues relating to church economy will be lifted and positions filled at various levels of our church life including our own Executive Committee. You must all pray for this process so that both the returning and new leaders will be chosen into the work with great enthusiasm and dedication. But in addition to your prayers, you are expected attend this important meeting so that our congregation will be well represented.

Our new preaching schedule just kicked off with the theme “Experiencing the Power of God”. Under this theme, we shall examine the demonstration of the power of God in the lives of a number of people in the Scriptures. This theme will lead us through Easter when this power raised Jesus from the dead. I urge you not to miss any of these topics.

Program Alerts

Two important programs are coming up during the season. March 24 will be an Easter musical outreach in Hallunda Centrum at the usual
time of 12-2.30 pm. We thank the Lord for the continuing opportunity to take the gospel out to the shopping mall. Also, our usual Good Friday “To Golgotha with Jesus” will be replaced with a Good Friday evening Gospel music experience tagged “Sound of Majesty”. We may have one or two guest artists join us on this day. Get excited about these and other events coming up in the coming weeks and months.

The final program alert worth noting is that we shall be marking our 10th anniversary this year in grand style during the period 1st-7th October. Some of you will be called upon to take up some responsibilities towards this. We hope you will gladly answer that call.

Soon this darkness of winter will begin to give way to brightness of Spring and Summer. Until that happens, may the Lord remain your light and the Rock of your salvation, always keeping in mind our theme for the year, “Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2).

With lots of love from my wife and I.

February 2018

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