Forgivness is the vital message of the Holy Bible. Forgivness means, never remember the sin whom you have forgiven.

In the human history if we want to see the exemple of forgivness then i would feel bless to present the forgivness of God towards all humankind. Everyone has sinned and earned the panelty of death. But through Christ, God has granted forgivness of sins. Not only this but He shared his thron, His heaven and His only begotton son. Everyone who accepted Jesus and experienced forgivness, has great responsiblity to show the same love and patence toward others.

As human it is not a easy job to forgive. When its a question of ourselves. We cannot see that we have done mistake. But if we sorround ourselves with this question we can say atonce no, I did not made many mistakes. Yes, I do agree no one can say he never made any mistake. But I am not talking about if you have ever made mistake or not. I am talking about if you have courage as people of God to accept, no matter it seems your mistake or not. Is it difficult for you to say word SORRY? what happen at the time when someone come to you with some complain. Did you agree either quite, ignore with love or accept, rather to argu did you have shown courage to embrace the person.

We always remember those event and happenings where we have shown good attitude. We are weak to remind ourselves where we were harsh, argued and problem person.

If we want to grow in Christ dont even remeber your good deeds but more your bad actions. Not to discourage youselves but you put your innerbeing in front of God for correction, more perfection, for more fulfilment of love, to reflect the image of God, so you will be one of the reason of God’s praise.

Today we are offering many prayers in the body of Christ which are fruitless. Because we did not have forgiven our brothers and sister, our neighbours etc and we are praying. That is the reason which shows us that it will not bring any good results.

We want to be forgiven but have difficult to forgive.
We feel good to hear sorry but difficult to say sorry.
We want to council other but difficult to be counciled.
We want to be loved but difficult to show love for others.
We want to be honored but difficult to honer other.
We want to be respected but difficult to give respect.

Lets promise in the presence of God to live in forgivness. The person who forgive or say sorry is more strong and greater than the person who cannot do the same.

God bless you.

Pastor Boaz Kamran

- This text is also published in Programbladet March - May 2015 -

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