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Dear friends in Christ,

As we make our way to the third Sunday in Advent, which draws us closer and closer to the event that causes the entire world to come to a stand still each year, I bring you my warmest greetings in the name of Jesus. The Lord has shown himself powerful and mighty both in our lives as a congregation and in our lives as single members of his family world wide. Many of you have over the course of the year testified to his faithfulness and I have personally taken much delight in seeing and knowing that you all are being truly blessed. What a wonderful God we serve!


I would like to thank the Lord for all his mighty deliverances from all the schemes of the enemy against our congregation this year. The church will continue to march on and the gates of hell and hades shall not prevail against it in Jesus name! I would like to particularly appreciate our prayer team who daily and weekly intercedes on behalf of our congregation, holding us up and seeking God's face on our behalf. Also, to all the regular attendees to our Miracle Tuesdays I say a thank you. Your prayers have been very invaluable and lives have been transformed through our very animated and powerful Bible Studies. More of those will be required from you all in the coming year. God bless you real good. To all the other team members including our Executive Committee I say a big God bless you for your wonderful dedication and commitment.


Christmas is around the corner. My one request to you all is this: Be sure to make Jesus known! Tell your friends that Jesus was born to save us from our sins. That text is in Matthew's gospel 1:21. That's the reason for the season we are in. That message mustn't be drowned out by the sound of commerce and meaningless 'fun'. We must instead celebrate with thanksfulness to the Lord for giving us his only begotten Son, our saviour who is Christ the Lord. Tell that message to everyone that you love. When you do, then you are having a truly "Merry Christmas".


The Christmas season is a season for much travel and movements. Consequently, my prayers go to all of you who will be travelling to be with family and friends during this holiday. May the Lord grant each person and family a very safe and pleasant journey in Jesus mighty name! Remember, Jesus is the King of all kings!

A very merry Christmas and a hope-filled anticipation of the New Year!

From Pastor and family.

December 2015

Dear friends in the International Congregation,

Now we are done with the theme "Winning Ways" which we have explored for about nine weeks. During this time, we were able to examining some, and I repeat, some of the ways in which we can place ourselves on the winning side. Just to recap, we looked at such topics as Winning throught Obedience, praise, forgiveness, love, investing, Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, On bended knees, faith and the Sacraments.I do hope that your lives have been transformed in tangible ways through these series of messages as we continue to look to him for a trasformation that will position us strategically for the abundant life that Jesus promised.

A new sermon series will begin shortly, one that will see us through the rest of the year. Advent begins on November 29, and programs that will see us through all four Sundays in Advent will be incorporated into the new schedule.

We will be recieving a guest speaker from Uppsala on November 15 in the person of Dr. Celestine Iwendi who is the world media Director for Uma Ukpai World Outreach. Pray for this day as we expect a mighty visitation from the Lord.

Lastly, I urge you to continue to pray for persecuted Christians around the globe. Things are getting tougher by the day. But the gates of hell will never prevail against the church in Jesus name!


Your Chief Servant.

October 2015


Coming up on June 14...

Moses Atakere will join us to share some of the songs in his new Album.

Also, prepare to share testimonies of what the Lord has been doing in your Life since the year began.

Make sure you don't miss Service, and, invite your friends too!

Friends, it’s yet another time to look back and forward in the ministry committed to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank the Lord who enables us both to will and to do of his good pleasure. But also to you through whom this work’s been carried out through the past year.

The year 2014 saw a lot of progress both in spiritual and numerical growth. With several births and no deaths, we have so much to be thankful for. The salvation of a number of souls, the revival and renewal of so many peoples’ faith, the restoration of joys and peace, personal and family blessings, and many more, all bear testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness to us as a church.

This year, 2015, this testimony must be sustained. There must be no letting up. That is the reason we began by raising the bar of our love life as a congregation. God will do wonders in a church where love has her stronghold. When God sees love among us, he is attracted to us and his glory comes down, for God is love and his presence dwells wherever he finds agape.

I therefore reissue a strong call, the same call that Hebrews 13 verse 1 issues us; “Let brotherly love continue”. There must be no one left out!. We must all now heed this biblical injunction to love one another. As I have pointed out severally, that is our only Identity card as Christians, John (13:35). May the grace of God enable us all to live in that love henceforth in Jesus name!

As the year is fast moving from infancy to adulthood, a call hangs over each one of us to brace up for action. Our church’s Annual meeting comes up soon in the month of March and a number of action plans for the year will be unveiled. Also, people will be required to fill various vacant positions in the life of our church. In effect, God is looking for “a man” “a woman” who will do business for him during this year. Will he find you? My prayer is that he does. I urge you all to prayerfully consider ways in which the Lord might use you for his purposes to his glory.

My deepest appreciation goes to the Executive Committee under the leadership of Bro. Kingsley Kejuo for all the good work done over thepast one year.

I also appreciate those representing our congregation on the Styrelsen.. Thank you all! And to all the other Ministry groups I say a big God bless you for the good work you are doing for the kingdom. You will all get the kingdom’s reward in Jesus name!

Looking ahead…

Let us all make ourselves part of the many exciting programs and activities lined upfor usthisyear. Take alook at the recently published Worship Schedule and familiarize yourself with the various programs that are lined up.

But some important highlights are worthy of note.

- All Sunday Schoolteachers’ workshop, February 22;
- All Leaders’ retreat, February 28;
- Annual Meeting, March7 with Combined Service following on March 8.
- The Easter weekend will be a busy one for us with our annual ”To Golgotha with Jesus”
- Good Friday Service.
- Easter Eve will be an Easter musical outreach in Hallunda Centrum.

We thank the Lord for the opportunity to share the gospel openly. Join in these and many other activitiesahead. Keep on living for Jesus, loving one another and sharing the joy of belonging to the one big family of Hallundakyrkan.

Remember, do not forsake the assembling of one another as the manner of some is especially as you see the day approaching, Hebrews 10:25.

My wife and I love you and we never cease to pray for you all. We covet your prayers too.

Pastor E. Samuel Nweze Hallundakyrkan [International]

- This text is also published in Programbladet March - May 2015 -